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Do I really need a crown after a root canal?

Crowns are one of the more common restorations that people need on their teeth. But it is a completely fair to ask “Do I really need a crown?” because even with insurance, crowns may cost you hundreds of dollars at a time.

The reason they are recommended frequently is that a dental crown is often the best option to extend the life of a tooth for years to come, especially after root canal therapy, when lots of tooth structures have been removed. For many root canal procedures, fitting crowns over the filled teeth is necessary because of the high risk of fracture without the extra protection crowns provide. Another advantage of crowns is that they restore the natural appearance of your teeth.

cracked tooth

This tooth broke two years after a successful root canal treatment. A crown was recommended at the time but the patient wanted to "think about it". The fracture was so deep and extended to the root. Unfortunately the tooth couldn't be saved and an extraction had to be done because it split into halves.

Not every root canal treated tooth needs a crown. When it's recommended, it really prolongs the life of the tooth.

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