Behind the success, we invest the latest dental technology.

Dental Technology

dental technology


At Rien Dental, we pride ourselves in having a serious commitment to ensuring we always provide the latest in dental technology. Our commitment to a high-tech dental practice means we can aim to provide patients the most up to date and advanced dental treatment available, often resulting in reduced treatment times and cost.

Low Dose Digital X-Rays

Using up to 90% less radiation, Low Dose, Digital X-Rays have surpasses their previous film counterparts as a safer more efficient option. With this x-ray technology you can view your results almost instantly, while you sit in the dental chair. Moreover, this efficiency and extra detail allows us to better detect and treat any potential problems in a safe, efficient way.

digital dental x-ray
Digital Intra Oral Camera
digital intraoral camera

The Intra Oral Camera allows for you to see what we see when examining your mouth. Our wireless Intra Oral Cameras are easily manoeuvred throughout your mouth so you can watch live on the overhead screen. This allows you to see your teeth and gums up close so you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of any problem areas.

Intra Oral Scanner

An intraoral scanner digitally captures the structure of the teeth as well as the gum tissue using optical technology. It eliminates the need for a traditional impression, which may cause gagging on goopy trays that have to stay in the mouth for up to 5 minutes to set. It's more comfortable, accurate and efficient. We use it for crowns, veneers, bridges, night guards (occlusal splint), anti snoring devices and orthodontics.

orthodontic software, POS
Advanced Orthodontic Software

We use one of the best orthodontic software in the world for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. We can accurately show you what will occur during the treatment visually, illustrating the necessity of treatment and explaining how we will treat them.

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Microscope Dentistry

Microscopic dentistry permits us to detect and see things that would normally remain undetectable to the human eye. This allows a greater level of detail and accuracy in many areas including general dentistry, endodontics, diagnostics and reconstructive procedures. Microscopic dentistry also benefits the patient as the enhanced images the dentist view are then projected onto the overhead screen so you can see what your dentist sees, increasing your understanding of your dental treatment.

microscope dentistry
Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Computer Guided Implant Surgery is the latest advance in implant placement. With this advanced dental technology we combine the use of a 3D CT scan with computer software to accurately and precisely plan the implant surgery. This eliminates the guesswork involved determining what parts of the jawbone offer the best sites for dental implant placement.

Computer Guided Implant Surgery