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We are proud to practice the very highest standards for infection control.

Infection Control

At Rien Dental, we take our dental practice and your safety very seriously and would never dream of shirking on this responsibility to you, our loyal patients.

Dental infection control

We uphold the highest level of infection control and sterilization. We are proud of our state of the art infection control procedures.


​We have strict changeover procedures between patients to ensure that both the environment and the instruments we use are clean.  All instruments used in the mouth are either disposable single use or are run through a medical grade thermal disinfector as well as a steam steriliser after each and every patient.

Of course, sterilisation is just part of an effective infection control protocol. We have also developed a workflow process which includes pre-cleaning, soaking, washing, bagging, sterilisation, proper storage and critical instrument tracking.


​At Rien Dental, we invite you to have a tour of our infection control procedures and sterilising area.

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