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Sinus Lift.

Sinus lift - CBCT

Sinus lift is also called sinus augmentation. It is surgery to add bone to upper jaw, specially in molar and premolar area. The sinus membrane will be "lifted" to make room for bone grafting.

From CBCT, we can see the sinus floor was too low and the remaining bone was not enough for implant.

Sinus lift, augmentation.

In this case, lateral window technique was used. Sinus membrane lining was raised and granules of bone-graft material was packed into the space after a small, oval window was opened in the bone. A dental implant was inserted at the same time and primary stability was achieved.

Sinus lift, augmentation

After grafting, a barrier membrane was used to prevent soft tissue from interfering with guided bone regeneration.

X-ray showed that plenty of bone has been grafted around the placed implant.


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