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Healing of dental abscess and success of root canal treatment.

Dental abscess
root canal treatment

Acute dental nerve infection could be one of the most painful experience a dental patient has ever had. It can cause very severe pain, even strong pain killer doesn't help too much. It's also one of the most common reasons of dental emergencies. When it becomes chronic, dental abscess can be formed.

Infection of dental nerve is normally caused by dental caries (decay), deep cracks, gum disease or trauma. The treatment option is either root canal treatment or extraction.

Root canal treatment can be a very complicated treatment, especially when it involves more canals, finer canals, more curved and calcified canals. All these can contribute to failure of root canal treatment.

In this case, we can see two lumps of dental abscess and x-ray showed lots of infection. This root canal treatment was very complicated because of its abnormal anatomy. The tooth has three roots (normally two), five canals (normally three) and a very curved canal.

For more details of this root canal treatment, please click here.

The above pictures and x-rays showed the healing of dental abscess and root canal infection. The abscess was disappearing ten days after root canal treatment. Three months later, it showed total healing and success of root canal treatment.



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