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Root canal re-treatment - fix failed root canal treatment.

Failure happens in all aspects of dentistry including root canal treatment. There are many factors can contribute to failure of root canal treatment, for example more canals than normal, extra roots and canals, very curved canals, abnormal anatomy like accessory canals, calcification and poor skills of the operators. Root canal re-treatment normally is the option to fix failed root canal treatment.

In this case, the root canals of two front teeth were not prepared and filled properly. The root canal filling material was very weak and short-filled. The bacterial couldn't be eliminated and caused persist infection and abscess.

Root canal re-treatment was performed. The root canal system was cleaned, prepared and obturated properly. The x-ray showed the root canals were filled firmly down to root apexes. Abscess disappeared in a week and the infection was totally gone in 3 months at the review visit.


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