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Wisdom teeth extraction - Is it a wise decision?

Impacted wisdom teeth extraction

wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction was requested by patient's orthodontist. The two lower wisdom teeth were fully impacted and couldn't be seen in the mouth. Surgical extraction procedure was performed and fully closure of extraction sites was achieved.

The surgery was uneventful. However is it necessary? Were the wisdom teeth really pushing other lower teeth forward? Were they causing front teeth crowding? Would they compromise orthodontic (braces) result?

Researches suggested removing wisdom teeth may only prevent a very small amount of crowding if there is any. The removal of third molars to avoid late incisor crowding is not justified.

If you are interested, you can get more information from following linked articles.

1. "Wisdom teeth and orthodontic treatment" from Australian Society of Orthodontists.

2. "The wisdom behind third molar extractions" from Department of Orthodontics School of Dentistry The University of Western Australia, published on Australian Dental Journal.


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