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Replacing unaesthetic direct composite veneer.

Composite veneer is one of two types of dental veneers to improve your existing teeth's appearance and your smile. The other type of dental veneers is porcelain veneer.

Porcelain veneers last longer and provide a more natural appearance, but they are more expensive and require more than one visit. Composite resin veneers are much more affordable and normally can be done at a single visit. It's a cheaper and quicker solution. However that doesn't mean it's an easy and less skills-involved procedure. Sometimes it can be more challenging and time-consuming for dentists.

This young lady had a composite veneer done recently on one of her top front teeth and didn't like the look of it. The unattractive shape and color of the veneer resulted in unaesthetic appearance. Furthermore, the finishing of the surface and margin were poor quality too.

Porcelain veneer option was denied because of the cost. After removing the old veneer, a new composite veneer was carefully placed in harmony with other teeth. She was very happy with the result.


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