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Implant supported crowns and cantilever bridge

This 6 unit composite resin bridge on top front teeth came off with broken metal post, ending up with 2 root stumps and 4 missing teeth. The 2 root stumps were still useful but not good enough to support a new 6 unit bridge.

The treatment plan was:

  1. Keep the root stumps and build up with new fiberglass posts and new crowns.

  2. Replace missing teeth with implants. The space was not enough for 4 implants, so it had to be 2 individual implant supported crowns and 1 implant supported cantilever bridge.

  3. A partial acrylic denture as a temporary solution before the final implant restorations.

Because of 4 missing teeth, the bone and gum receded a lot. Luckily the patient has a low lip line and the gum recession wouldn't cause any issues in the aesthetic zone. Everything went really well as we planned and the patient was really happy with the result.


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