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Digital workflow of dental crown.

The digital revolution that is transforming every aspect of our day to day life is also impacting dentistry in a multiple ways, from electronic record-keeping and data analysis to new diagnostic tools, practice management software and revolutionary treatment options.

For example, in our practice, we use digital x-ray and digital intra-oral camera as diagnostic tools. We use cloud-based practice management software and real-time online booking system. Also we use intra-oral scanner for digital impression to make dental crowns, veneers and bridges with computer-aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Our dental implant surgical guide, night guards (occlusal splint), anti snoring devices are also 3D printed.

This case showed how digital workflow of a dental crown works. Instead of using traditional impression material for crown and bridge, like polyether or vinyl polysiloxane, the prepared tooth was scanned by a intra-oral scanner. Then the digital impression was uploaded to the cloud and the dental technician got it online immediately and milled the final crown with CAD/CAM. It saved time and reduced the waste of material. The final crown fitted as accurately as the crown made by traditional way.

The digital technologies have already begun to dramatically change the world of dentistry. Digital dentistry is not the future; it is occurring now!


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