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No-prep veneer.

No-prep veneers

Porcelain veneers have become a popular way to transform a smile, especially for stained, chipped or slightly misaligned teeth. But although they don't need as much tooth preparation as crowns or other bridgework, the traditional veneers still require enamel to be removed from the surface of the tooth in order to ensure a proper fit and pleasing appearance.

No-prep veneers, just as the name suggests, require no real preparation. They cost a bit less than standard veneers, but they are not suitable for everyone.

The most obvious advantage of no-prep veneers is that this is a non-invasive technique. Absolutely none of the tooth's surface will be removed. There will be no anaesthetics or needles required during the procedure. Additionally, less likely to suffer from any sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and food, which may happen with standard veneers.

However, no-prep veneers only work well with certain smiles. It can be hard for them to hide discoloration. Also they may make the teeth appear bulky and unnatural.

In this case, the lateral top front tooth was a bit crooked and other options ( braces, invisible aligners and composite veneer ) were rejected by the patient. Because the tooth erupted backwards, it was a perfect candidate for no-prep veneer. The final smile looks straight and natural.


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