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Dental care for baby teeth.

baby tooth decay

We all know baby teeth will be replaced by adult teeth eventually but healthy baby teeth will allow children to eat a nutritious diet, speak properly and have a healthy smile. Cavities of baby teeth may cause toothache and early loss of the baby teeth, which may result in crowding of permanent teeth.

How to look after baby teeth? Brush them thoroughly with soft child toothbrush and pea-size amount of low fluoride toothpaste. Parents should help with brushing until children are about 8 years of age. And baby teeth need flossing daily and a healthy diet as well.

Don't forget to bring children to a dentist! We recommend children to see a dentist since their first birthday. At their visits, our gentle dentists will check their teeth and explain proper brushing and flossing techniques. These visits can help find problems early and help kids get used to visiting the dentist so they'll have less fear about going as they get older. We bulk bill eligible children under Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS).

In this case, the kid had developed cavities extensively. During the visit, we removed all the decay and put fluoride releasing white fillings on the decayed baby teeth. The treatment result was really good but more importantly we instructed the kid and parents how to look after them and prevent that it happens again. By the way, we found tooth fusion (synodontia) of both lower deciduous central and lateral incisors.

If your kid is having any troubles with baby teeth, we are here to help!


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