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Myofunctional orthodontic treatment - straighten teeth without braces.

Myofunctional orthodontic treatment addresses the underlying causes of crooked teeth, such as poor oral habits (for example, mouth-breathing and thumb-sucking) and poor oral and facial muscle functions. Early orthodontic treatment with myofunctional orthodontics (Myobrace) is a preventive and natural approach to correct poor oral habits, develop jaws and straighten teeth with no-braces.

Myofunctional orthodontic

This teenage girl complained of crooked front teeth and overbite, which meant crowding, excessive overjet and deep bite in orthodontics. Her mum also noticed she had a mouth breathing habit during sleep. Her mid-line slightly shifted to the left.


She was 11 year old and almost got all her adult teeth. She could wait for a while to start traditional braces, or she could start Myobrace as pre-orthodontic treatment to unlock her natural growth and development, which might potentially eliminate the need of braces. Myobrace was chosen as the treatment option. A series of removable intra-oral appliances were worn for 1-2 hours each day plus overnight while sleeping.

No braces orthodontic

This was the result after 6 months. Mouth breathing habit ,crowding, excessive overjet, deep bite and shifted midline all had been fixed. No further orthodontic treatment needed. Everyone was happy with the result. No crooked teeth, no overbite and no braces!


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