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Epidermoid cyst in cheek.

Epidermoid cysts are small lumps that develop under the skin or mucosa. They are benign subcutaneous lesions and often found on the head, neck, back, or genitals. These common cysts are sometimes mistakenly called sebaceous cysts, but they're different. True sebaceous cysts are less common. They arise from the glands that secrete oily matter that lubricates hair and skin (sebaceous glands). Epidermoid cysts are slow growing and often painless, so they rarely cause problems or need treatment. Although, they can become inflamed and irritated. They don’t require removal unless bothersome, painful, ruptured, infected or the diagnosis is in question.

In the mouth, most epidermoid cysts develop in the region of the mouth floor, the buccal mucosa is not a usual site of occurrence.

This case showed a small, pink, soft lump in the cheek mucosa. It was bitten a few times because the lump grew towards biting plane. It had a history of infection and pain. That's why we decided to remove the cyst. The tissue sample was sent to our local Melbourne Pathology for histopathological examination. The recovery was uneventful. The pathology report showed it was an epidermoid cyst.


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