• Dr Changjie Guo

A different approach to root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment is the only way to save the tooth when the nerve gets infected inside the root canal. For front teeth, root canals are normally accessed via the back of the teeth to get the best aesthetic result. However approach from the front may be a better idea in some situations.

discolored tooth

This discolored tooth gave the patient lots of pain. The infected nerve inside made the tooth more yellowish than other teeth.

root canal infection

X-ray clearly showed the infection around the root. This tooth has a very important role - it's the abutment of the Maryland bridge. Maryland bridge is more conservative compared to traditional dental bridge, but it's also weaker. It's only used for some front missing teeth.

root canal treatment

To get access to root canal from the back may damage the metal wing of the Maryland bridge and cause de-bonding of the bridge. So a front approach was made to carry out root canal treatment.

root canal treatment

Root canal treatment was completed without damaging the bridge.

internal bleaching

After internal bleaching and final filling, the tooth color was very close to other teeth and the patient was very happy with the result.

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