• Dr Changjie Guo

External Root Resorption.

Root resorption is not a common dental condition but it can lead to tooth extraction. There are two main types of resorption that may happen to a tooth: internal and external. The causes of external resorption can be trauma, rapid orthodontic movement and infection etc.

External root resorption

The troublesome tooth in this x-ray caused toothache and pus oozing out of gums. On the x-ray, the tooth showed dark area on the root but the margins of the nerve was quite clear. Thus we highly suspected external root resorption.

External root resorption

CBCT was taken for further investigation, which confirmed our diagnosis.

External root resorption

The resorption was so extensive that the nerve was involved. The tooth can not be saved.

External root resorption

The tooth was removed. The root resorption made the tooth very fragile and was fractured during extraction.

Early detection of root resorption is the key to save the tooth. Root canal treatment or root filling may be the only treatment needed when root resorption is still at early stage.



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