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An Extra Tooth

Supernumerary teeth or hyperdontia are defined as those in addition to the normal series of deciduous or permanent dentition. They may occur anywhere in the mouth. They may appear as a single tooth or multiple teeth, unilaterally or bilaterally, erupted or impacted and in mandible/maxilla or both the jaws.

The appearance of supernumerary teeth cannot be prevented. The main treatment for hyperdontia is its removal.

Removal of the supernumerary teeth is ideal for patients with:

  • Delayed or failed eruption of permanent tooth

  • Rotation, malalignment, or displacement of permanent tooth

  • Diastema or early closure of space in between the teeth

  • Dilacerations

  • Crowding of teeth

  • Formation of dentigerous cyst

  • Eruption of teeth into the nasal cavity

  • Problems in implant site for alveolar bone grafting



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